Where have all the tractors gone

Where Have All The Tractors Gone?


UPDATE 10/18/2021: For the foreseeable future we're selling equipment on PRE-ORDER. Due to external factors to our brands (Kubota, Polaris, Stihl, etc.) they are unable to provide any information as to when we'll be seeing our inventory orders rolling in. It may still be another 18 months.

But that's ok. Our sales team is talented and have adjusted to the new sales environment. They will work with you to determine which equipment will best fit your needs. Give us a call today!  We'll get your units placed on order so you'll have them as soon as possible.




Spring 2021:

If you've been to any tractor dealership, including ours, over the past year you may have noticed inventory looking pretty low - and it has been! Our industry, along with many others, has struggled to get and maintain acceptable inventory levels. While it looks like we don't have much to sell we've actually been selling A LOT of tractors.

When COVID-19 first hit and production dropped due to shutdowns equipment stopped rolling onto our lots for a short while (felt like an eternity!) but demand remained heavy. We quickly sold our inventory. But once things got figured out and production returned to some resemblance of normal equipment has been rolling back in. So we are still receiving tractors, lots of tractors, from our manufacturers. A large number of these units have been and still are being sold on PRE-ORDER.

With all of our manufacturers, pre-orders get PRIORITY before our inventory orders.

Ok, but what does that mean to me and how do I get my tractor? The simple answer is DON'T WAIT. Talk to a salesman as soon as you can - in-person, on the phone, by email. Order your tractor TODAY so we can get the order placed with the manufacturer (Kubota, Polaris, etc). We'll do everything we can to expedite the process.

But I want to see it before I buy it! We understand this conundrum and we feel your frustrations. Our sales team is highly trained. They know our tractors and they are able to discuss your needs and wants with you and help you navigate the various options even if your specific unit isn't on our lot. We will do everything we can to get you the right tractor.



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